Takatāpui Research and Internship Opportunity

29 September 2016

An opportunity to support a Takatāpui research project and upskill a Takatāpui researcher has come about. Any queries should be directed to Professor Linda Waimarie Nikora at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Emerging from the Nga Pae o te Maramatanga Mauriora Stream and through conversations amongst Takatāpui researchers, a research network is forming to develop a foundation upon which to build a Takatāpui Research Agenda and to encourage strategic research that responds to the research needs of the Takatāpui community.

The building of such a research agenda requires a looking back at what has already been done so as to better understand the communities’ research needs moving forward. This also requires ongoing and meaningful communication and consultation to emerge a vision looking out to 2050 and beyond. The intern engaged on this project will assist the research network by conducting a thorough literature and resource search (on/off line/grey) to produce a themed annotated bibliography in a form that can be easily disseminated and accessed (eg., Endnote).

Project location: The intern will be supervised by Linda Waimarie Nikora and Elizabeth Kerekere of Tiwhanawhana. The intern may be situated anywhere in New Zealand maintaining contact virtually with LW Nikora and E Kerekere and members of the research network. In this respect, the intern must have access to high speed internet and computing resources.

Programme of work:

1) Consult with the Takatāpui Research Network to help define the parameters of the search and to ensure a clear ‘terms of reference’ for the project. This step will aid in defining a clear and detailed work plan and timeline.

2) Conduct a literature search (on/off- line/grey) for Takatāpui research material (defined broadly) and resources (defined broadly), and include where possible, literature/sources that are written in Māori.

For the annotated database, the intern should.

a) Search and retrieve publication details (to enable others to find the work).

b) Retrieve the abstract where available or write a brief description of the work.

c) Ensure that the database is ‘clean’.

d) Allocate keywords to help organise the retrieved entries into research domains.

e) Complete a report that describes the identified research domains, evaluates research progress within the domain; and makes suggestions for further research.

PLEASE NOTE, this project should not be seen as an easily achieved computing task! Attention to books, book chapters, magazines and scholarly journals (pre-digital) is important and the intern will need to spend a significant amount of time in a research library. A visit to the National Library is probably also necessary. Telephone/Zoom and email contact with known researchers and writers, and ‘agencies’ and community groups in the field will also assist in identifying research activity and interest and in accessing information. Networking and taking advice from the Takatāpui research network members will be critical to a robust and comprehensive database. The research network will also make comment on a draft of the report before it is finalised.

Day to day nature of the work:

Most of the intern’s time will be spent online, in a library setting or communicating with writers and researchers. The intern may work from home but needs to maintain ongoing contact with the internship supervisor.

Skills the student will learn:

  • Comprehensive library search skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Methodical and logical approach to organising information
  • Endnote software and data basing skills

Whoever has the opportunity to serve on this project will emerge with a deep knowledge of the field of Takatāpui writing and research.

FYI, Link http://maramatanga.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=afe655700044a9ad6a278bac0&id=6089bba839&e=4785c569b0